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Our History

West coast Doberman Ranch evolved from when I, Tony Alves owner and breeder, owned my first European Doberman in the early seventies when I was just a child. Actually, the Alves first family Doberman found us. He was a stray we ended up naming Moe. Over time Moe became another extension of our family and a great family fixture that everyone loved.
One day a man came to our door. He told our family that Moe was his dog and he wanted him back. Our family was so attached to Moe and would be heartbroken if we had to say goodbye to our beloved family companion. So, my father made a deal to buy Moe from his owner making everyone happy.
Like a loyal Doberman and strong companion, Moe never left our side. He joined me every day to complete my paper route. He was a very beautiful dog, which constantly received compliments on his appearance and temperament. Not only was he striking in appearance, but Moe was a very friendly dog and to I considered him my best friend. Moe passed from old age and I will never forget him. Moe’s personality and loyalty has left a lifelong impression with me. I still adorn pictures of my old friend Moe on my wall. Since Moe, I have had several different breed of dogs ranging from German Shepherd to American Staffs. All have had a special place in my heart and life!
But for now!

It’s Dobermans! I researched Dobermans for over a year before purchasing my two females Fergie and Fendi. They grabbed my heart from the start. I was addicted to them. I raise them and they grew to be beautiful girls, so I decided to breed them and from there we have produced many beautiful and healthy pups. Here we are today. Doberman owner and family raised breeders. It’s not as easy as it sounds. It takes many dedicated hours to care for these dogs, but for me well worth seeing how are Doberman babies grow up to be big, beautiful and healthy European Doberman dogs.
Over the years he has seen the joy that a family has after they pick their Doberman puppy up to take home. “It’s a great feeling knowing that my dogs are bringing a new piece of joy into a new families home,” Tony says. “I know they will get a solid family companion, friend and help aid in making the home a safer environment.”